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Sex Is Like Fire

29 Oct

It seems that every day we hear or read about a new sex-related crime.

Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein have apparently sexually harassed dozens of women in Hollywood.

Another story of a teacher having sex with a student (or students) comes out every few days.

Recently we’ve read about prison wardens having sexual relationships with inmates, and passengers masturbating on airplanes and even fondling people seated next to them.

Even more, our country has a porn epidemic. Many people, notably teenage boys, have developed a porn addiction. The easy availability of sexual imagery online is causing our young men grow up with a distorted view of women and sex. This leads them to commit sex crimes (although girls are not immune from porn addictions either).

As the number of sex crimes increases so does the country’s outrage at these incidents. Certainly, we should not tolerate this behavior. But we should not be at all surprised by it.

In the United States we “liberated” ourselves from the sexual restraints of previous generations by, among other things, legalizing pornography, and accepting sex before marriage. Sex is prevalent in our movies, music, and advertising – now more than ever. All of this goes against God’s commands.

God designed sex to be between one biological male and one biological female who are married to each other. Any other use of sex is sin. In the Bible God unashamedly and frequently warns us about misusing sex. There are very good reasons why He does so.

God created sex for the practical reason of populating the earth. But also, like everything else God created, such as sleeping and eating, sex has a spiritual aspect.

Marriage was designed by God to be symbolic of the union between Jesus and the Church – all the people who become part of God’s eternal family. The husband is analogous to Jesus and the wife is analogous to the Church.

Just like Jesus sacrificially loves the Church, husbands are to sacrificially love their wives. The wife should faithfully receive the love of her husband [Ephesians 5:22-32]. By obeying God’s marital roles, the husband and wife send the message of God’s sacrificial and complete love to the world around them.

Likewise, the husband and wife’s sexual relationship is a picture of the unity and joy we’ll have when we – all the people who believed in Jesus and make it to heaven – are united with Jesus in a relationship that will never end.

As an aside, this is why God commands us not to get divorced. Jesus will never “divorce” any of us. Since marriage is meant to be an expression of Jesus’ unbreakable relationship with all believers, divorce ruins that analogy and sends the wrong message to an unbelieving world.

The sexual pleasure derived from the physical union of a husband and wife’s earthly bodies is meant to remind them of the unity, fulfillment, and inexplicable pleasure they’ll experience in heaven. This is not to say that our relationship with Jesus will in any way be sexual – it will not. The Bible tells us there will no sex in heaven; sex will only exist on earth.

When we reduce sex to an act that simply seeks to satisfy one’s carnal desires we negate the message God wants to teach us through marriage and sex.

In the United States, and most of the world, we came to the wrong conclusion that God’s restraints on sex were puritanical and suppressive. This happened because people stopped reading their Bibles. Therefore they failed to learn and understand God’s purpose for limiting sex to a heterosexual marriage relationship. Instead of filling their minds with God’s truth, they filled it with Satan’s lies. And of course, that has lead to nothing but problems.

If we followed God’s rules on marriage and sex there’d be no STDs, or unwanted children, or abortions, or sex trafficking, or sexual assaults, or any of the other myriad problems in this world related to sex, of which there are many – including some murders. A great percentage of crimes that are committed can trace their origin to some sort of sexual issue.

Our country’s – and our world’s – rejection of God’s definition of sex is the cause of all these troubles. If we want to stop them we need do what God says – eliminate pornography, limit our sexual behavior to a heterosexual marital relationship, eliminate the overt sexuality in our entertainment and advertising, etc.

We can arrest all the sexual deviants we want. We can pass all the laws we want. We can express our outrage on Twitter all we want. But until and unless we do sex God’s way, we will continue to see an increase in sex-related crimes.

This is all just another example of how the decisions the human race makes – decisions we think will make life better – only makes life worse.

Sex can be a good thing. So can fire. But that can only be if they are used properly. When misused, they will lead to tragic problems.



The Upcoming Supreme Court Decision On Same-Sex Marriage

26 Jun

Any day now the Supreme Court of the United States will announce its decision regarding same-sex marriage. It is widely anticipated that the court will strike down state laws that ban this practice thereby paving the way for gay couples to marry at-will in all 50 states.

When this announcement is undoubtedly made the gay community, and their straight supporters, will rejoice. There will be much rainbow flag waving and celebrating. For them it will be a day of jubilation as they delight in what they perceive to be a progressive victory. The reality is, however, that this will be anything but a victory for them or for the country.

Same-sex marriage is undeniably a rebuke of God’s command that marriage be between one male and one female. To promote any other form of marriage is to arrogantly defy God and declare that we know better than He does. Such thinking is nothing but arrogance.

By defying God those who advocate, promote, and participate in same-sex marriage are doing one thing they don’t realize: they are distancing themselves from God. This is never a good thing to do.

The United States has been defying and distancing itself from God for several decades on the basis of many issues including abortion, pornography, and financial debt to name just three. Our country habitually rejects God’s commands in favor of our own alleged wisdom. But the decline in our culture, security, reputation, and finances over that time reveals the truth. Life does not get better without God.

The truth is the Supreme Court decision will encourage and promote the increase of sin in our country with the end result being a nation that is further away from God than it has ever been.

Same-sex marriage advocates think this ruling will bring liberation and freedom. But condoning sin does no such thing. It results in the downfall of society because it moves us away from the God who wants to bless us but who understandably will not if we reject Him.

A few thousand years ago the nation of Israel took a similar path. They turned against the God who loved them, provided them with a land overflowing with resources, and protected them from their enemies. Instead they chose to reject His design for life and replace it with their own. They distanced themselves from God and their nation subsequently collapsed and was eventually conquered by their enemies.

Make no mistake… the same future awaits the United States if we don’t turn from our many sins and return to the God who benevolently provided for us just as He provided for Israel.

On an individual level, however, the result is even more devastating. Those who refuse to acknowledge their sin and instead embrace and celebrate it will face an eternity of exactly what they were seeking on this earth – life without God. They believe life without God, either on earth or in eternity, is better than life with Him. But such thinking is a catastrophic delusion.

Eternity without God is hell. Once these people die and realize the irreversible tragedy of their mistake there will be no rejoicing or celebrating. There will only never-ending regret and anguish for having chosen temporary selfish indulgence over permanent God-given fulfillment. Distancing oneself from God is as misguided as it gets.

The Supreme Court of the United States is unwittingly about to lead many unsuspecting people into such a destiny.

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