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Hate For Israel Directs World Policy

4 Oct

Alan Dershowitz has written a very compelling opinion piece for foxnews.com regarding the justification for the establishment of an independent Kurdish state.

He accurately and convincingly points out that there is a double-standard among the nations of the world as well as university students and faculty who oppose a Kurdish state being formed out of Iraq but who are vehemently vocal in their support of the establishment of a Palestinian state out of the land that is now Israel.

Mr. Deshowitz also states that “[t]he reason for this disparity has little to do with the merits of their respective cases and much to do with the countries from which they seek independence.”

He’s 100% correct. But he stops short of identifying the cause of this hypocrisy.

The reason why people are vehemently in favor of Palestinian independence from Israel – despite the Palestinians having much less of a case for their own state than do the Kurds – is simple. God tells us in the Bible exactly why such thinking exists.

The world hates Israel. It always has. And it always will.

God promised Abraham that He would create from him a great nation [Genesis 12:1-3]. Through His blessings and judgments upon this nation, God would reveal Himself to the world.

God also promised to some day raise up a Savior from this nation. That Savior would pay the ransom for the sins of the entire world [John 3:16; Acts 2:21].

That nation is Israel. That Savior is Jesus the Christ.

Jesus, who is God’s own Son, came from heaven to stand in the place of judgment for sinful people.

But the world does not recognize their sin. And hence, they don’t recognize their need for a Savior. So they reject Jesus, just as God tells us they would [Luke 20:9-19].

Through Jesus God exposes sin. But people don’t want their sin exposed. They love their wicked ways and hate God’s ways. They prefer to live in spiritual darkness than to be brought into the light of righteousness.

As such, anything that belongs to God is the enemy of the world, including Israel. Just as the world wants to eliminate God from their lives (and is rapidly doing so), the world desires to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

This is nothing new. The Philistines tried multiple times to kill the Jews but they failed. The Persians plotted to kill all the Jews about 2,500 years ago but Esther thwarted their plans. Hitler killed 6,000,000 Jews but still failed to achieve his ultimate goal to rid the planet of the Jewish people.

But they’re not done yet.

The Bible tells us that in the future every nation on earth will come together in one final attempt to eliminate Israel and the Jews from the planet. The unity the world has so desperately sought for thousands of generations will actually come to fruition.

The thing that will unite all the different nations, and races, and religions will be their common, rabid hate for God and their common, rabid love for sin.

But God also tells us that the nations will fail. Not only will they fail, but they will fail miraculously and stupendously while Israel remains unscathed [Zechariah 12].

The origin of this intense hatred of God and all things that belong to God is none other than Satan himself.

Satan is the ruler of this world [John 12:31; 2 Corinthians 4:4]. It is he who unsuspectingly convinces the people of the world to oppose God just as Satan himself does [Matthew 16:23; Mark 4:3-16; Acts 13:8-10 et. al].

For thousands of years Satan has convinced unsuspecting billions that God is against them and that they know how to run their lives better than He. It first started in the Garden of Eden when Satan convinced Adam and Eve to make their own choices and reject God’s design for their lives.

Since that time Satan has influenced more and more people to reject God. With the advent of technology and mass communication, Satan’s influence is spreading faster than ever. The more hate people have for God the more hate they will have for Israel.

Mr. Dershowitz has correctly recognized the hate the world has for Israel and the hypocrisy generated as a result. But he mistakenly believes that morality plays no part in the existence of this situation.

On the contrary, it is the world’s lack of morality – their love of sin and their accompanying hate of God and all that God stands for – that motivates the double standard we see in the Kurdish and Palestinian independence movements as well as other attitudes the world expresses towards Israel.

Sadly, considering how rapidly and irrevocably the world’s moral standards are moving away from God, we can only conclude that the world’s detest of and opposition towards Israel will only increase accordingly.


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