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Gender Neutrality & End-Times Prophecy

24 Nov


As part of the worldwide move towards gender neutrality, the Church of Sweden recently decided that its clergy should no longer call God “Lord” as this word, according to them, implies God is a male. Instead, they should simply refer to Him as “God” since, again according to them, this term is more inclusive and less offensive since many people believe in “God”.

There are hundreds of prophecies in the Bible, more than half of which have already come true, including over 100 prophecies about Jesus’ first arrival on earth, 2,000 years ago. The only prophecies that have not yet come true are those related to the final years of Earth, specifically the final 7 years before Jesus comes back.

One of these “end-times” prophecies states that during these seven years, the world will be unified under a single ruler who the Bible calls the “Anti-Christ”. The man will convince the world that he has the solution for peace and he will be given control to govern the world as he sees fit.

One of the Anti-Christ’s “solutions” will be to unify the world under a single religion. He’ll have a side-kick, called “The False Prophet” in the Bible, who will promote this religion.

Essentially what we’ll have is two men, one a political leader the other a religious leader, who will universally appeal to all people on either of two bases: politics or spirituality. There will essentially be no dissent with regard to these men’s capabilities to lead.

Appealing to all people spiritually would be quite a feat, considering the vast number of opinions people all over the world have about God. Despite what many people think, all religions do not worship the same god. The differences between the gods of the various world religions are quite contradictory, proving these gods cannot be the same.

The success of the False Prophet in getting all people to agree to this one-world religion will come from promoting God as a vague being. Rather than insisting on specifics that divide people, the False Prophet will simply appeal to the lowest common denominator – those things that all people who believe in God can agree on.

A move to unite world religions using this strategy has actually been underway on this planet for years. It can be seen everywhere from “Coexist” bumper stickers to the Vatican. Pope Francis has been an active leader in the ecumenical movement to unite all people spiritually by appealing to those characteristics of God we all agree on while silencing those we don’t.

As we can now see, the gender neutrality movement, which the world – including churches – is rapidly embracing, will apparently help bring about the end-times prophecies God has told us about in the Bible.

Of course, like all ideas that come from the human mind, this one is born out of our own hubris and is, therefore, filled with problems.

Creating a version of God that appeals to the masses obscures the true God. Therefore, it prevents people from knowing how to get to heaven when they die and leads them straight to hell.

The pride of the human race seduces us into thinking we can be in control. But for us to be in control we have to usurp authority from God. Hence, we continually redefine Him to suit our ever-changing values.

We can water down God all we want. We can ignore those aspects of Him that we don’t like. But that doesn’t change Him. It doesn’t change anything.

We did not invent God. He created us. We do not get to define Him. He defines us.

God is the Lord over all of us whether we recognize that or not.



Pay With Your Face At A KFC In China

4 Sep

No cash or credit cards are accepted at a KFC restaurant in Hangzhou, China. All you need to have is a face.

Instead, the restaurant uses facial recognition technology to identify and charge a customer, whose payment options have been previously stored in a database.

Evidently, this technology is becoming quite common in China. Baidu already uses similar technology at their offices to allow employees to pay at their cafeterias.

Such cameras have been installed in bathroom stalls to identify people who steal toilet paper. Most troubling is the fact that the police are using facial recognition technology to monitor citizens.

Biblical prophecy tells us that in the last few years before Jesus returns, economic transactions will be controlled all around the planet. There will be no cash. All transactions will be digital/electronic which allows them to be regulated.

Specifically, digital transactions will be used to exclude people who believe in Jesus from participating in the economy. They won’t be allowed to buy anything or sell anything.

While this may seem like future-fiction, this could easily happen relatively soon.

• Digital payments, including credit cards, already exist and are widely used all over the world

• Although not yet widely adopted, embeddable technology and facial recognition technology are already in use and are becoming more prevalent

• All over the world people are becoming more hostile towards the God of the Bible and are unashamedly living lifestyles that defy and flaunt God

• People are becoming more willing to cede their freedoms to government in exchange for what they believe will be solutions to our problems

• Globalization is on the rise with countries and regions forming economic, military, and political alliances at a pace never seen before

Fulfilled prophecy is the most convincing proof that the Bible is true for who could predict the future with such accuracy besides God? This is the precise reason why God put so much prophecy in the Bible – to prove that the words in it came from Him.

When prophecy comes true it confirms that the Bible was authored by a living God whose character is consistent with that described in the Bible. Therefore, we can be sure that everything else the Bible says is also true.

The prophecy regarding Christians being excluded from the world economy will be fulfilled. It’s just a matter of time.

And probably not that much of it.


The United States Is On The Road To Destruction

25 Jul

When ancient Israel turned away from God and committed atrocious sins including child sacrifices, He eventually punished them by allowing Assyria and later Babylon to conquer them completely – wiping the country off the face of the earth.

God doesn’t change. He’s the same today as He was back then.

“I the LORD do not change.” – Malachi 3:6

And He still works the same way today as He did thousands of years ago.

It’s not a stretch to say the United States is even worse than ancient Israel. We’ve allowed and often encouraged behaviors that are detestable to God including abortion, pornography, excessive debt, ignoring those who are weaker, loving money, divorce, vanity, homosexuality, and many others. We call “good” what God says is “sin” and even ridicule it as being “old-fashioned”.

Make no mistake. It’s no coincidence that as the United States accumulates more and more sin we accumulate more and more enemies.

Al Qaeda. Iran. ISIS. Russia. Venezuela. Muslims. North Korea. The number of our enemies continues to grow.

At one time enemies on a different continent posed no real threat to our safety. But that is no longer the case. Not only are our enemies infiltrating our society, but they’re close to being able to harm us from afar.

Someday – probably within a few decades – God will allow the United States to be conquered and wiped off the map just like He did Israel. What seemed impossible just a generation ago is now very possible.

Not only is it possible, it is a virtual certainty if we don’t turn away from sin and turn back to God.

Company Plans On Implanting Microchip In Employees

24 Jul

A company in Wisconsin is going to embed microchips in the hands of their employees starting in August.

The chip will allow the employees to open security doors, pay for items in the cafeteria, and login to their computers without cards or passwords.

The CEO of the company says: “Eventually, this technology will become standardized allowing you to use this as your passport, public transit, ALL PURCHASING OPPORTUNITIES, etc., We see chip technology as the next evolution in payment systems, much like micro markets have steadily replaced vending machines.” (emphasis mine)

He’s right.

About 2,000 years ago God told John – one of Jesus’ disciples – to write the book of Revelation. In it, He described a time coming on earth where the economy would be controlled by a world-wide government ruled by a single human being – the Antichrist. Only those who pledge allegiance to the Antichrist will be allowed to buy or sell (Revelation 13:16-18).

Those who do pledge such allegiance will take “the mark of the beast [the Antichrist]” on their hand or forehead. Exactly what this mark would be was a mystery for centuries. But with the advent of scannable tattoos and embedable technology, such as described in this article, the prophecy in Revelation is clearly possible today.

With all economic transactions taking place electronically, it will be very simple for commerce to be controlled. All someone has to do is click a box on a webpage to turn on or turn off the chip embedded in someone’s hand, thus allowing or preventing that person from buying or selling.

While the chips that this company is embedding are optional, people alive when the Antichrist implements this technology will not have a choice. They will have to take the mark of the beast or they will be penniless, homeless, hungry, and destitute.

But there’s a catch.

By taking the mark of the beast, a person becomes the enemy of Jesus as the Antichrist will be vehemently against God and those who believe in Him (this is why the Bible calls him the “anti” christ).

This is just another specific, prophecy in the Bible that is coming true. Considering all that have already come true, one cannot doubt that the Bible is truly the word of God.

If you’re alive when this happens – don’t take the mark. Repent of your sin and stay faithful to Jesus. Better to lose everything on this earth – including your life – than to join forces with the Antichrist and end up in hell for all eternity.

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