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Gender Neutrality & End-Times Prophecy

24 Nov


As part of the worldwide move towards gender neutrality, the Church of Sweden recently decided that its clergy should no longer call God “Lord” as this word, according to them, implies God is a male. Instead, they should simply refer to Him as “God” since, again according to them, this term is more inclusive and less offensive since many people believe in “God”.

There are hundreds of prophecies in the Bible, more than half of which have already come true, including over 100 prophecies about Jesus’ first arrival on earth, 2,000 years ago. The only prophecies that have not yet come true are those related to the final years of Earth, specifically the final 7 years before Jesus comes back.

One of these “end-times” prophecies states that during these seven years, the world will be unified under a single ruler who the Bible calls the “Anti-Christ”. The man will convince the world that he has the solution for peace and he will be given control to govern the world as he sees fit.

One of the Anti-Christ’s “solutions” will be to unify the world under a single religion. He’ll have a side-kick, called “The False Prophet” in the Bible, who will promote this religion.

Essentially what we’ll have is two men, one a political leader the other a religious leader, who will universally appeal to all people on either of two bases: politics or spirituality. There will essentially be no dissent with regard to these men’s capabilities to lead.

Appealing to all people spiritually would be quite a feat, considering the vast number of opinions people all over the world have about God. Despite what many people think, all religions do not worship the same god. The differences between the gods of the various world religions are quite contradictory, proving these gods cannot be the same.

The success of the False Prophet in getting all people to agree to this one-world religion will come from promoting God as a vague being. Rather than insisting on specifics that divide people, the False Prophet will simply appeal to the lowest common denominator – those things that all people who believe in God can agree on.

A move to unite world religions using this strategy has actually been underway on this planet for years. It can be seen everywhere from “Coexist” bumper stickers to the Vatican. Pope Francis has been an active leader in the ecumenical movement to unite all people spiritually by appealing to those characteristics of God we all agree on while silencing those we don’t.

As we can now see, the gender neutrality movement, which the world – including churches – is rapidly embracing, will apparently help bring about the end-times prophecies God has told us about in the Bible.

Of course, like all ideas that come from the human mind, this one is born out of our own hubris and is, therefore, filled with problems.

Creating a version of God that appeals to the masses obscures the true God. Therefore, it prevents people from knowing how to get to heaven when they die and leads them straight to hell.

The pride of the human race seduces us into thinking we can be in control. But for us to be in control we have to usurp authority from God. Hence, we continually redefine Him to suit our ever-changing values.

We can water down God all we want. We can ignore those aspects of Him that we don’t like. But that doesn’t change Him. It doesn’t change anything.

We did not invent God. He created us. We do not get to define Him. He defines us.

God is the Lord over all of us whether we recognize that or not.


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