There’ll Be No Excuses

16 Sep


It seems that anytime Hilary Clinton has spoken over the past 10 months, she’s offered up a new excuse as to why she lost the presidential election last November. She’s blamed Russia, Bernie Sanders, sexism, and Fox News, among more than 50 others. She’s even blamed nebulous content farms in Macedonia.

I’m not sure about all that. But it seems to me that whenever we fail at something we have to take the blame for that failure ourselves. While the road to pursuing a goal is never easy, and there will be those who will stand in our way, it’s up to us to secure the outcome we desire.

Nowhere will that be more true than on Judgment Day.

Each of us will stand before God one day to give an account of the lives we lived here on earth. Everything that everyone has ever done has been recorded. At this final judgment of all mankind, God will open books containing a list of everyone’s deeds, whether good or evil [Revelation 20:12].

There will also be another book open (note, just one, not multiple like the books above) called the “Book of Life”. In it will be recorded all the people who, during their lifetime on earth, repented of their sins and accepted Jesus’ death as complete and final atonement for their sins. As a result, their sins will have been wiped from God’s record books and their name will have been written into the Book of Life.

Those who names are in this book will be declared “Not Guilty” by Jesus, our judge. And will enter into eternal bliss in heaven to be with Him forever.

Anyone whose name is not in the Book of Life will be cast away from God’s presence into hell for all eternity. There they will retain their sin nature and live amongst the billions and billions of other human beings who did likewise. For all eternity this massive amount of people will keep sinning, creating a never-ending life of misery for themselves and each other.

Note that during this judgment scene, none of the accused (that’s us) speak. No one will be asked to offer a defense. There’ll be no need. God has recorded everything we’ve been doing, saying, and thinking since the day we were born. He has it all written down.

If your name is not in the Book of Life you will have no choice but to take responsibility for your own decision while on this earth. You aren’t going to be able to blame the New York Times, or Joe Biden, or Fake News like Hilary Clinton.

Unlike Hilary, you’ll have to own up to your own failure – your failure to repent of your sins and accept God’s no-strings-attached offer of complete forgiveness through Jesus Christ. You won’t be able to blame your teachers. Or your parents. Or the government. Or some celebrity for giving you bad information.

When standing before God on Judgment Day there will be only brutal truth. There’ll be no excuses.


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